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In-Person Events 2023

Events in Collaboration with Participatory Arts Cooperative & Bridgespace Commons


Animist Arts is working with many other groups and individuals in a year-long artist residency meets placemaking & mutual aid cooperative experiment centered in the SE Portland Waterfront area. More details to be updated as they are created by the group. What follows are in-person events we are hosting at the space.


The Play to Find Out Salon

play to find out salon graphic.png

June 11, June 24, July 22-23, Aug 19 2023 
The Play to Find Out Salon Hosted by Animist Arts in collaboration with Alchemy Arts and Participatory Arts Co-op. See below for more complete details of each event.

Donations Sliding Scale via venmo 
The Play to Find Out Salon is a culturemaking, placemaking event centered around loosely held showings of creative works-in-process, liminal games, irreverent TED talks, and other whimsical anti-professional performance actions. There will be music, food (potluck style) and emergently weird-cool-fun activities. The event is facilitated by Animist Arts in our post-traumatic-growth-centered style.
Attendees can witness, participate, play and present as desired. We will create the evening flow based on who shows up and what emergent desires are expressed and felt.

Animist Arts In-person Events June-August 2023

Venue unless otherwise noted: Bridgespace 133 Southeast Madison Street, Portland, OR
PLEASE USE THE DOOR ON 2nd ST next to the roll up door. You will see a small sign labeled ANIMIST ARTS.


These descriptions will be updated as time goes on! Scroll to the bottom for longer descriptions and accessibility information.

For even more summertime events, head on over to the Participatory Arts Coop website

Intro to Deathclown w/Dare -invitation and pre-registration only

  • 6/5 6-9pm

  • 6/10 12-4pm

  • 6/12 6-9pm

  • 6/20 6-9pm

June 11 Nondual Theater Jam & Play to Find Out Salon - facilitated by Animist Arts and members of PAC

  • 11am-2pm NDTJ Devising playshop, a pre-salon artmaking & devising space. Loosely facilitated space to get characters, costumes, and bits ready for the salon later in the day.

  • 2-3pm break/music/conversation

  • 3-4pm salon setup

  • 4pm-7pm Play to Find Out Salon

  • 7-8pm strike/clean up

June 24 Participatory Arts Workshops & Play to Find Out Salon

  • 11am-2pm workshop 1

  • 2 - 3pm rest/meal/social break

  • 3 - 5pm workshop 2

  • 5-9pm salon


July 22 & 23rd Participatory Arts Coop BIG SUMMER WEEKEND, workshops & Play to Find Out Salons

7/22 Saturday

  • 11am - 2pm workshop 1

  • 2 - 3pm rest/meal/social break

  • 3 - 5pm workshop 2

  • 5-9pm salon 

7/23 Sunday​

  • 10am - 1pm warmup, Revival, Dance

  • 1 - 2pm rest/meal/social break

  • 2 - 5pm Salon 

Axis Syllabus Movement Arts facilitated by Emily Jones and West Coast Axis teachers

  • Fri 7/28 530-830pm

  • Sat 7/29 Workshop one: 10 - 12:30pm

  • LUNCH break: 12:30 - 2pm

  • Workshop two: 2 - 4:30pm

August 19 Participatory Arts Workshops & Play to Find Out Salon

  • 11am- 2pm Focused workshop 1

  • 2 - 3pm rest/meal/social break

  • 3 - 5pm workshop 2

  • 5-9pm salon 

Rhizomatic Choir (Instagram Post (Square)).png

Nondual Theater Jam w/ Animist Arts

This is a rotating training jam hosted by Animist Arts in a theater lab format. You can expect versions of Devising, Viewpoints, Moment Work, Rhizomatic Choir, Meisner technique, Deathclown, Bouffon, Improv & more. For further details, watch this space. See Current Dates listed above or on Calendar page. Email if interested in attending.

Nondual Theater Jam In-person Information

if you enjoy these practices and like to be a part of our nascent crafting process/beta testing, please join us in march (and april) before we open this up to the more general public


Friends of friends are welcome if you think they will be a good match. So when we say "plus ones" we don't mean literally only bring one person, and you also don't have to bring anybody. Please RSVP by emailing us back. (We know some starting times might be difficult start time for some of you just getting off work, if you can't get there right at the scheduled time that's fine, you will probably miss the intro and warm up.)


You should bring your own yoga mat and knee pads if you like that sort of thing, and warm layers/socks to work in because as it is a very large space it can feel a bit drafty. Bring any drink or snacks you need, you might be glad to have hot tea (though the space does have mugs, tea and electric kettle, etc). Please bring pen and paper, or anything else you like to use to take notes/doodle.


The entrance to the building is up a set of concrete stairs/from a concrete platform. We will have a paper sign posted near or on the door that says "Animist Arts".


Here is our general flow (Each session will have a different flow, different exercises and games/scores. Elements and sequence are subject to change depending on real time feedback.)

  • Warm up/work your kinks out through gibberish, vocals, and movement

  • A Deep Listening Exercise in rounds of actor/witness (2 person groups take turns sounding and listening, kind of like authentic movement but focusing more on sound, sometimes elements of meisner work)

  • small intro to session themes

  • Introductory practices based on session themes

  • Group Scores & Games

  • Reflection

Accessibility Section


There is a lot of work happening through April to make the space fully fit for "the public". Currently we are inviting only people we know, and their plus ones to do the practices together. You should bring your own yoga mat if you like that sort of thing, and warm layers/socks to work in because as it is a very large space it can feel a bit drafty. There is a large wood floor, some couches/chairs/tables and kitchens/bathrooms. The bathroom is ADA accessible, though stairs are required at this point to enter the building itself. There is a full kitchen available if you need it, please clean up after yourself.


As far as covid protocols go, the space itself is mask-optional, meaning lots of different people use the space and not all of them mask. Currently there are no Hepa air filters in Bridgespace. It’s a nascent shared space that does not have regular sanitation protocols that we can guarantee. It is a VERY large space so distancing isn’t an issue though with singing and voicework it becomes more of a concern. Currently we (dare/larissa) are masking when someone in close-range proximity absolutely requires us to for their safety, and when it’s useful to just mitigate risk. Because we now have the access to use this space for singing and soundmaking, we are taking advantage of that to do so and owning our own personal risks. 


Because we are biasing soundmaking/singing and movement in this nondual theater jam, it is mask-optional. We will bring pump hand sanitizer. There will be different practices that we move through, and we will leave it up to you all to decide proximity or opt out if need be. 


There are plenty of competing access needs and we aren’t pretending to be able to make these events accessible to every kind of access need, though we are in a larger and longer process with the space and the various groups who use it to agree on a working overarching accessibility statement and protocol.


Also, because this is a multi-use event space, there will be other people besides our group using the common spaces, walking through the entrance/exit doors, using the bathroom/kitchens etc. Therefore it is not a fully private rehearsal space like a black box.


Content Section


What are the practices? Well, some are from the Rhizomatic Choir practice: See this link

but others will be sourced from viewpoints, meisner technique, physical theater, clown, bouffon/deathclown, authentic movement, voice movement therapy, contemplative dance, systemic constellations, etc etc etc


We (Animist Arts) are fully facilitating the first few months of jams and then later on if all goes well we can turn this into a mixture of facilitated and emergent practices based on the creativity of the group that shows up.


We are counting on word-of-mouth and people bringing their plus ones who want to train in an emergent theater style based in PLAY, nondual animism, and post-traumatic-growth-based ritual theater arts.

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