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Animist Arts Community Hygiene-maintenance and Veneration Ritual


Open to all, suggested donation $30-60, NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds)


Runs Quarterly, please check the Calendar

This is our “community center” ritual process. There are no prerequisites, and people are welcome to bring friends, family members, etc. This gathering is mostly about “doing the real thing together”; addressing personal and collective backlog, getting an energetic and spiritual tune up for ourselves and inevitably our ancestors, and doing our part as humans to collaborate with Spirit and Nature for the benefit of all beings. We will not be offering much intellectual explanation or doing tight hand holding through each exercise. For more of that, please join our next Between Sun and Moon Foundations course. 


The flow that we will move through together will have a range of ways to participate, and everyone is in charge of their own experience at all times. There will always be options to simplify or just chill out and observe in a sacred way, or to play in ways that you are already comfortable with. Everything is an invitation. We are ritual improvisers, so any time we host something there is always space for the unexpected or unpredictable. 


Elements that will very likely be included:

  • Using breath, movement, sound, and stillness to support beneficial energy flow, flexibility, creative play, and subtle sensing

  • Grounding into the lower body and general embodied recalibration

  • Opportunities for cleansing/harmonizing on many levels

  • Helping to settle fucked up ancestral patterns directly and indirectly, per the experience of the participant

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