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Coming early 2023

Animist Arts Play + Pray Facilitation

A Devising Group and immersive training


*likely will include access to the Animist Arts Playground


This offering will be at least 6 months long, with a smaller group (approximately 25 people max). There will be an application process and people will need to have taken Between Sun and Moon, Play + Pray, or have been part of our Practitioner Cohort. If you haven’t done these things but you still think you’re a good match, or we know you from some other event, you can reach out and start a conversation with us.


Our desire is to bring a cohort through an immersive experience of all of the fundamental elements that make up Animist Arts. In our view all of life is art, and we will be engaging in full cycles of training, devising/iterating, and opportunities to “offer” what we are learning and creating. This immersion is for facilitators, artists, healers, and community organizers who want greater flexibility and improvisation skills, robust spiritual alignment, and relational inspiration. We have found that the most effective partnerships have been with people who already recognize that they have a devotional relationship with their art, community or practice, and want support relaxing and expanding inside of that calling. This group commitment is perfect for people who are bridges between disciplines or subcultures, and are highly interested in the development, devising and design process itself. The focus here is not so much on “self-healing” (although that typically comes as a side-effect) but on stewarding the various skills and projects that are asking for our attention.


We have privately been referring to this immersion as “death-clown light”, as we look toward what training people would need to be able to fully step into radically responsive states that create benefit individually and eco-systemically (culture, community, partnership with nature, etc). For more on this, stay tuned. 


Briefly, an overview

  • Deconstructing and remixing ritual and facilitation from an ‘open-source’ nondual animist lens with respect to lineages and innovation

  • Large group and smaller group sessions, being part of a practice “pod”

  • Cross-collaboration on different topics and projects of interest

  • Opportunities for “show and tell”

  • Training in various methods such as Systemic Constellations, Deathpractice, Deathclown, Theater of the Oppressed, Viewpoints, Bouffon/Grotesque & Devised Physical Theater practices, Biomechanics-informed movement inspired by Axis Syllabus, Voicework inspired by Voice Movement Therapy and other modalities, Group Dynamics & Community Organizing, Dream Yoga, Poetry/songwriting and performing/improvising “scripts”, Improvisational technique, Trauma-informed Somatics & Energy Work, Design Thinking

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