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DPG recordings are standalone modules and not a part of Animist Arts Playground Tier.

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As of January 2023, there is a second monthly DPG session (Lunarium) that is by-donation open only to those who have attended a formal session live or via recording.

bodyaltar, in the night garden

nondual animist gatherings with dare (online)

aka The Death Practice Group


My initial idea is to host one gathering a month for 13 months. Each gathering will be recorded and made available for donation purchase so that those who cannot attend live can still engage on their own schedule. Those who pre-register and attend live will have the opportunity for live feedback on the Views & Methods presented in that gathering. My aim for the content is something like 60/40 View/Methods. Within the cycle of 13 months my intent is to flesh out a very complete ecosystem of Death Practice — which includes View & Methods on Dream & Dreaming Paths, Perception as a creative act, Breath, Sound, Movement, Conceptual & Non-Conceptual Practices, Divination, Ancestor Relating, Spirit Jobs, Death Clowning, etc — that can be realized and received by anyone who has the intent to enter into relationship with Death as the base. This is neither Beginner nor Advanced, so let me elaborate.


For many people, their karmic shapes (natal fate, epigenetic inheritance, cultural position/conditioning, etc) require of them to diligently enter into a developmental process by which they could stabilize their “self”, their “mind”, their worldview, enough to enter into a conscious de-stabilizing practice or process that would nourish their nondual nature. This developmental process is similar to “training wheels”, and without it, many people will “crash & burn”.

For these folk, Animist Arts offers many other kinds of containers that titrate experience in very gentle structures and sequences.


However there are some people who have been “initiated” via their karmic shape to have already “touched the end” in such a way as to inform their entire path. These people can deal with a more No-Holds-Barred approach to practice. A more secular, bones & roots approach to what they already know is inevitable and already always happening. These folks are candidates for entry into a Practice Group, based on Practice Lineages.


A Practice Lineage differs from other kinds of lineages because in this arrangement, everyone knows they are responsible for checking their own roots, their own base. In a Practice Lineage or Practice Group, the “teacher” or host is not playing the role of parent or guardian or enlightened guru/buddha. The relationship each participant has with the practice IS the real teacher. The host (in this case, me) shares their own relationship with the real teacher as honestly as possible, in real time, with as little pretense as possible, hence No-Holds-Barred. Any concepts or abstractions shared (View teachings) are merely to assist real practicing, real relating with practicing itself.


Practice means “On Purpose”. Death is the only guarantee we are ever given, so it will happen to us regardless of whether we consciously engage with Death as a Practice, on purpose. In that sense, the entirety of existence IS Death Practice. But, joining a Practice Group or being part of a Practice Lineage means that you understand the benefits of aligning with an intentional re-prioritization of your behaviors and worldview in order to more fully enter into honest relationship with what is.


This series of gatherings is not a facilitation training. Animist Arts will be offering a year-long training container in early 2023 that will focus on facilitation, group process, Deathclown, and our “Play & Pray” approach to designing and facilitating experiences for self & other. For different containers, check out our Between Sun & Moon events, our Playground monthly subscription tier that includes live drop-in sessions and recordings library, as well as our We All Go Home ritual veneration events, and stay tuned for other introductory or short form series this summer and fall.


‘Bodyaltar, in the night garden’ is where we will focus on all the many aspects of Death Practice for no other reason than the internal calling of practitioners to become intentionally closer to Death as base.


The donation amount for these gatherings is minimum $50 usd or as much as you would like to support me. For those who don’t know, this container developed partly because I needed to find a way to subsidize my own medical bills in a way that was win-win for all our relations, and a way for people to have sessions with me that both lessened the individual cost and distributed the social resources in a group context.

The next gathering is can be found by going to the tickettailor event link button above. Each gathering is 3 hours in length, with bonus time after the end for more conversation and questions, with breaks built in. To register for the live event, please use the buttons above. If there are issues in the process, please email me at . All ticket holders will receive the recording and any supplemental material via the email they use to register by the Monday after the live event.

For those attending live, please intend to stay for the entire event from beginning to end. I know that many people show up late as a matter of course... set an intention to show up a little bit early. Allow the time to be for your personal, spiritual care. Place the event and the time and attention you are spending in a different mental category than "regular, normal" online events, or even "regular, normal" therapy or "healing". Treat it like your puja, your sadhana, your offering ritual. Let it be real. Let it be for all beings. Don't sleep on your capacity to really show up and be engaged. I understand that in today's climate there are numerous justifiable reasons for making choices and I am not here to play police. You can leave early if you want to, take care of yourself. 

A note on linearity and non-linearity in regards to this container.
For some people, their karmic shape would benefit from treating the series as linear, sequentially, listening to previous recordings and then attending live whenever the next live session is. 
For other people, their karmic shape would be able to attend live somewhere "in the middle" and either "catch up" by listening to previous recordings or just improvise forward, with no real problem.
I don't know what karmic shape you are. You get to decide how to engage with this. The practice itself, compounded with my personal karmic shape and communication style, will determine if your karmic shape can digest this offering at this point in your life. People will self-select in or out depending on their own navigation. This is not a strict cohort where you will be put in small groups for sharing and practice, nor is it as loosely held as a drop-in yoga class. Not everyone who attends one gathering will attend all of them.

The best way for you to see if this vibes with you is to order and watch the first video, and if that is useful, then #2 & #3, these set the foundation for the entire teaching.

How to get previous recordings

Please Read All Instructions Completely Before Ordering

Below is a continually updated list of recordings available for donation after each live event.
To request access to the recording and all supplemental materials for that event, you will send a donation to (using friends & family option which should automatically be selected if you click on the link).
The donation amount can vary, but the minimum is $50 USD. Live event ticketholders choose from a variety of tiers: $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $200. You can donate any amount above $50. If after you engage with the material, if you feel it is more valuable, you can donate any amount to the paypal link above. I am not able to give refunds.
You will then fill out this FORM completely to order the recordings you want.
For example, if you want June 2022's event, you will write "DPG #01 June 2022" in the appropriate field. You do not need to write or copy the topics. Please allow up to 48 hours for completion of this action. If you have not received your file access after 48 hours, please email me directly at or so we can sort it out.

If after viewing the material you have further questions about the content, practices etc, please attend the next LIVE event where we can address them for the benefit of all. 

Media Available


DPG #01 June 2022: Harm Reduction, View & Method, The Nondual Blues, The Obsidian & Jade Baskets, The Five Eyes

DPG #02 July 2022: Harm reduction, Alchemy part one, Introduction to Pain, Fear & Hunger part one 

DPG #03 August 2022: Harm reduction, Soul Return Alchemy/Shen-Dao Harmonization, Pain, Fear, Hunger: GOING IN

DPG #04 September 2022: Shen-Dao Harmonization Part 2, Parasocial Harm Reduction, Becoming a Peer, Accepting The Job, Being Correctable

DPG #05 October 2022: Ancestors, The Straight Dirt: Going To The End, Death The Mother of The Mother, A Ritual.

DPG #06 November 2022: The Story That Eats Itself: Introduction to Non-Conceptual, Sleep & Dream Practices: Baking a Death Practice Cake, Waking & Sleeping Practices
DPG #07 December 2022: Further Into the Night: Bardo (Post-Death) Realms & Practices part one

DPG #08 January 2023: Coda of the Moon: Death Practice In 2023, What Bardo Is This?, part two

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