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DPG recordings are standalone modules and not a part of Animist Arts Playground Tier.

How to get the recordings

Please Read All Instructions Completely Before Ordering

To request access to a module and all supplemental materials for that module, you will send a donation to (using friends & family option which should automatically be selected if you click on the link) or use venmo @Dare-Sohei.

The minimum donation amount for the first module is $75 USD, and for the remaining modules is $150 USD. You can donate any amount above the minimum. If after you engage with the material, if you feel it is more valuable, you can donate any amount to the paypal link above. I am not able to give refunds.
You will then fill out this FORM completely to order the recordings you want.
For example, if you want June 2022's event, you will write "DPG #01 June 2022" in the appropriate field and INCLUDE THE EMAIL I WILL SEND THE ACCESS TO. You do not need to write or copy the topics. Please allow up to 48 hours for completion of this action. If you have not received your file access after 48 hours, please email me directly at so we can sort it out.

Media Available


DPG #01 June 2022: Harm Reduction, View & Method, The Nondual Blues, The Obsidian & Jade Baskets, The Five Eyes

DPG #02 July 2022: Harm reduction, Alchemy part one, Introduction to Pain, Fear & Hunger part one 

DPG #03 August 2022: Harm reduction, Soul Return Alchemy/Shen-Dao Harmonization, Pain, Fear, Hunger: GOING IN

DPG #04 September 2022: Shen-Dao Harmonization Part 2, Parasocial Harm Reduction, Becoming a Peer, Accepting The Job, Being Correctable

DPG #05 October 2022: Ancestors, The Straight Dirt: Going To The End, Death The Mother of The Mother, A Ritual.

DPG #06 November 2022: The Story That Eats Itself: Introduction to Non-Conceptual, Sleep & Dream Practices: Baking a Death Practice Cake, Waking & Sleeping Practices
DPG #07 December 2022: Further Into the Night: Bardo (Post-Death) Realms & Practices part one

DPG #08 January 2023: Coda of the Moon: Death Practice In 2023, What Bardo Is This?, part two
DPG LUNARIUM: January '23 this was a community q&a session and will be bundled with the 8th module.

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