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A new cycle of The Bleeding Circle is Coming

November 2023-April 2024 is the next 6 month cycle of The Bleeding Circle. To get on the interested list fill out this form

Come to our Works in Progress showing to witness what we have uncovered

Below is the write up for the cycle that is just ended. Stay tuned for updated info.

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To apply please read through all the info below and then fill out this google form


How has bleeding (menstruation) historically linked people to the holistic and visceral aspects of life? How is this asking to be brought in Now, through our current contexts?


In the origins of human culture was an understanding of the importance of menstruation as a reflection of cosmic life and death principles. These principles are “nondual” because in direct contact with them we recognize the inherent wholeness that they create together; birth, growth, love, expression, violence, death, and dissolution all speak to one another and require one another. This inescapable truth has been reiterated through myth making, ritual theater, art and communal practices. Now that we many of us are living in a time where this coherent worldview is severely lacking we can see how this reiteration together through creative and medicinal practices is an essential piece to remembering and enacting these life and death principles. 


Blood is the portal and the teacher, to the way in which we are all implicated in world-tending. Blood is the answer to chronic cultural avoidance of taboo subjects, and the suffering that we and many other beings are reckoning with. Blood points us to surprise and depth, to source our ritual artistic expression from the place where emotion becomes sacred and uncategorizable. This crucible is possible because of the love that flows unconditionally, timeless and vast, from the centerless center of all things, The Original Mother. The nondual principles of this work require us to recognize the interconnection between all names, forms, and systems that have developed over millennia in response to this knowledge. We will not be following one specific lineage, but speaking directly with the energies and forces as they show up for us authentically. 


Bleeding and menstruation calls us into necessary responsibility, a gravity of vision, creativity and strength that does not show up as easily in other spaces, under slightly different intentions. I do not have all the answers as to why that is (and probably never will) but I can feel the seeds of those answers pushing through the ground. In this series we will learn how those ancestral memories are looking to be born continually Now.







Once a month for six months we will gather, alternating between ceremony and direct experience practices and crafting artistic expressions of what we find together. This will be a small group, max 15-20 people. We will use meditation, energy work, contemplative movement, play science, sound and theater techniques, ritual systemic constellations, and any form of creative expression that serves (poetry, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc). This is a 6 month closed container, meaning that everyone is committing to the 6 months and new people cannot join late. At the end of 6 months if there is interest there will be a collective creative offering from the group for friends and family. At this time a new 6 month cycle may begin, making space for people to depart and new people to join. 


Thursdays 2023, once a month 5:30-7:45pmPST

April 20th

May 18th

June 15th

July 13th

August 10th

September 7th


We will have a closed Facebook group or google group to stay in touch and ask questions. Participants will be given scheduling priority to book 1-1 sessions with Larissa if desired. 

Sliding scale donation: $50-160 a month, or $300-960 for the whole series. I cannot offer refunds. 

Participants are asked to attend live as much as possible, but sessions will also be recorded and hosted on Thinkific. 

Who is this for?

Anyone who bleeds (menstruates) or who has bled,  or is going through/has gone through menopause.  All gender expressions welcome. Larissa is nonbinary/genderqueer and works from this vantage point. 

This is not an absolute beginner container. Participants need to have a baseline grounding/centering practice, and some familiarity with listening and improvisation in ritual space. We will be speaking directly with beyond human energies and presences and not pretending otherwise. As stated above, we will not be following any strict specific lineage tradition but all backgrounds/lineages are welcome to contribute to the collective experience. If these descriptions are unfamiliar to you then I recommend going through one of our live or self-paced Between Sun and Moon foundations courses. You can also reach out if you have questions, or fill out the application and ask your questions there.

How to attend

To apply please fill out this google form 

Once you fill out the form you will get a follow up email to sign up for Thinkific and send your donation through Venmo @Larissa-Kaul or


You can email me at

About Larissa

Larissa (they/them) is a trained therapist with a background in performance art, theater, Spirit and energy work, Ecopsychology, and community organizing. They study the organizing principles of Nature and the medicinal roots of creative expression, and adapt this knowledge for work with 1-1 clients, groups, and collaborative art projects. 

Read more about Blood, Ritual, and Play

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