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About Animist Arts:

About Between Sun and Moon:

"The foundational animist course was great for giving me exercises that don't bypass reality, but shift my system to gently open up more to it. It's not a course theorizing that "all you need is already here", you're experiencing it *directly* and being given tools to access it and/or peel back the conditioning that's blocked you from accessing it. I also appreciate that the approach is gentle and subtle, but the effects are deep."


Laurel Armstrong, human

"between sun and moon is unlike any “course” I’ve ever been a part of. The atmosphere created has given me the ability to access so much space beyond my individualistic traumies and the stories about them. dare and Larissa’s facilitation has shown me how to death clown my ghosts and possessions more regularly until it’s starting to be more of an instinctive response than immediately going down the possessy trauma hole"

L Harris

"For the whole of this life as me, I have experienced overwhelming emotional pain and grief. The waves peak and I go crazy and then after I feel better. And then it happens again . . . several times/ week if not daily. Over the past 6 months I have been leaning into this energy differently because I no longer believe that I need to process through me in this way that I have normalized as my thing to bear (or whatever). Animist Arts has offered me the most helpful way through this, as western traumatology simply keeps grooving a narcissistic "me". And although spiritual being so fundamental to my knowing . . . its like being lost in loss. The grief tangle is complex and I know there are different spirits in it. What you have offered has given me the ability to inside out the whole thing in a way and I am sensing the possibility for shifting . . . all the things really. "

Kaila June

somatic movement teacher 

"The experience felt accessible to me yet it was so full of possibility. I resonated a lot with just the way you, Dare and Larissa, are as people and as teachers - both serious and funny and in relation even if you were sort of in some ways the authority as teachers. I liked how it wasn't a "typical" course."


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