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Rhizomatic Choir

Participatory Sound Bath

Live In-person Chinook Lands, Portland, OR, USA

Rhizomatic Choir (Instagram Post (Square)).png

An experimental vocal and body percussion group play-practice based on central African hunter-gatherer polyphonic group singing -- this is the oldest continuous somatic practice of humankind, originating 300,000 years ago by our shared original grandmothers.

Rhizomatic Choir is an adapted format designed for western/modern people to re-learn and re-culture our most ancient improvisational and collaborative skills. We use no discernable words or phrases, just vowel and consonant sounds, as well as our bodies and immediate earthly surroundings - no manufactured instrumentation or amplified sound devices. We attune and listen deeply to the ecosystem of the place we are in, ourselves and the group in order to create, discover and regenerate together, in timed rounds followed by periods of silent integration & group reflection. 

For more information, please stay tuned. If you are in the Portland area, you may inquire about attending one of our practice sessions. We are available to host larger gatherings at a local park or discuss presenting at your event (a facilitated educational participatory session).

Here are a bevy of research links that have helped me in my process of developing this project:

Female Cosmetic Coalitions on wikipedia

The Radical Anthropology Group has over 200 videos in this archive:

I also recommend this playlist of presentations from the WHAT IS POLITICS? podcast:

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