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Nora Bateson Conversation

Larissa & Dare invite Nora into the Underworld Partyyy & have an awesome chit-chat about all-the-things

Please subscribe, share and donate if possible: & Nora has provided us with further reading, links to some of the writing mentioned in the conversation! From Nora: Aphanipoiesis:

A lighter version is another piece : What is Submerging -- This is essentially the same material in another frame.

I thought I would add this piece that Mamphela Ramphele and I wrote called Finding a Way:


This conversation is part of a much larger ecosystem that we have been cultivating for a while - to see the full playlist of Underworld Party conversations, go to Dare's youtube channel and these two playlists: UWP Chronological Order, Sand Talk Book Club (a collaboration with Mutations/Jeremy Johnson) We have a new 6 week foundations course starting the end of February for folks who want to get a (re)fresh opportunity to P L A Y P R A C T I C E many of the principles we talk about with Nora. Check out the details in the top menu under UPCOMING. Thanks for engaging!

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