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Animist Arts Playground

Starting June 2022

Subscription Tier through Patreon, see Course Portal page for instructions


Animist Arts Playground will include approximately four live classes a month, an online community, and a library of recordings. This is the place to train, to enjoy learning-through-playing, and get your “reps” in. As we have designed different courses and containers over the years, we noticed that one of the big missing pieces in building ritual improv skills, and relational skills in general, is a more casual space to experiment and mess around. We need time to dip ourselves, over and over, in the practices that help us, without too much seriousness or scarcity. One way to think of the Animist Arts Playground is as a training ground that keeps you flexible and inspired for the more intense events in your life like ritual-performances, community practice spaces, big changes in work or family, various medicine journeys, etc. 


The classes that we offer will vary, but here’s some of what we’re chewing on:


  • Poetry salons

  • Secure attachment to language and meaning

  • Lay the f*ck down -  a slow and attuned movement practice

  • Death practice

  • Drawing as self-divination

  • Open play labs

  • Mukta Bloom - improvised, devotional dance

  • Light social clowning


These classes will be drop-in with minimum registered participants required, similar to yoga studios and circus arts classes. Subscription to the patreon Playground tier will give you access to registration and recorded library as we build it up. We may get inspired to run short “series”. We will have a live calendar that you can view, and the meeting times will be a mix so that we can try to accommodate different timezones. There will be some variation in meeting times and how much we offer a month, as we both navigate chronic health realities and just being human. This is why most classes will be recorded and available for you as a library to use whenever. 


How is this different from Between Sun and Moon?

BSM is a container that technically has a start and end time, and is a full arc of teaching that has an initiatory flavor for many people. It is a more concentrated crucible, and we hold it in a particular way because of that. At the Animist Arts Playground everything is ‘drop-in’, so it’s more loose and casual. We won’t be doing any full blown rituals. It’s a chance to choose the many skills that come up in BSM and let them unfold more extensively. 

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