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origins of the 
Rhizomatic Choir project


Central African hunter-gatherer polyphonic group singing is the oldest continuous somatic practice of humankind, originating 300,000 years ago by our shared original grandmothers. Rhizomatic Choir is a collective research project designed for western/modern people to re-learn and re-culture our most ancient improvisational and collaborative skills, to stay rooted amidst the precarity of our current predicament.​


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research links

Here are a bevy of research links that have helped Dare in their process of developing this project:

Female Cosmetic Coalitions on wikipedia

The Radical Anthropology Group has over 200 videos in this archive:

I also recommend this playlist of presentations from the WHAT IS POLITICS? podcast:

further inspirations

Many other artists, teachers and modalities came together to inspire my structure of Rhizomatic Choir. Here is an incomplete list in no particular order.

Viewpoints, Devised Physical Thater, Improvisational forms, Clown/Bouffon, Poetry & Writing, Spoken Word, Authentic Movement, Axis Syllabus, Contact Improv, Butoh, Voice Movement Journeying, Surrealism, Drumming, Medicine Ceremonies and Indigenous Practices, Dreamwork, Breathwork, Ancestral Contact, Trauma Counseling, Social/Racialized Justice Facilitation, Daoist & Buddhist Practices, Spontaneous Qigong, Somatic Unwinding, Bodywork & Massage Therapies, Teaching Children, Bartending, Circle Singing/Bobby McFerrin, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Vocal Improv, Vocal River (Rhiannon), Theaster Gates & The Black Monks, Pauline Oliveros/Deep Listening, Liu Ming, Eduardo Duran, William Kohlhase, Deborah Eliezer & Fools Fury Theater, Nathanial Justiniano & Giovanni Fusetti (clown/bouffon), Dr. Nida Chanagtseng (Atiyoga/Dzogchen), Patrisia Gonzales (author of red medicine), Koyote The Blind, My Mentor Henry, and of course, Death, The Mother, Santisima Muerte.

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