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deathClown Methods (nondual blues)
hosted by dare


Weds Sept 7th 4pm-6pm PST 

Weds Sept 14th 11am-1pm PST 

Thurs Sept 29th 4pm-6pm PST 

Open to all patrons. Sign up here as low as $5/month.

Recordings available to playground subscribers only.


Note that all deathClown Methods events will have different content and are facilitated as play-as-research sessions and request interactive participation of attendees.

Please register no later than one hour before the start time.



Come play in the weird world of deathClown - is it "healing"? is it theater? is it ritual? is it meaningless? is it? Maybe. Beyond harm and healing there is a third door called PLAY, but to really play with all the things that hurt, frighten or attract us, we must train in quite specific ways and have a bag of tricks that we can rely on consistently.

deathClown is our name for that bag of tricks.

Sourced from many methods of spiritual, somatic, dance, theater and artistic practices; deathClown methods helps one to have immediate access to creative exploration with seen & unseen phenomena using ONLY the body and environment we have right fucking now.

...and we all know how BAD we want to have it NOW.

nondual blues is a term dare has coined for how the essence & lineage of the blues musical genre is directly applicable to metabolizing pain, fear & hunger, especially when directly engaging with nondual phenomena

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