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How to Enroll

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However, please continue reading as enrollment in various courses requires additional explanation.

Animist Arts Playground Access

  1. Please read through all the steps first. To join the Playground, our monthly subscription service and pre-recorded library, go to and sign up for the Playground tier.

  2. Then, go to the animist arts thinkific site and create a new account. Your thinkific account name and email should be the same as your patreon information, so that we can be accurate on our end.

  3. Once those two steps are complete, we will manually add you to the Playground Library where you will have access to pre-recorded materials and be notified of upcoming live drop-in sessions.

  4. Please keep in mind that many live drop-in sessions require registration beforehand. This information will be listed in the thinkific Playground Library and/or in the patreon which you can navigate by searching key words and the hashtag "playground".

  5. You can also see all the upcoming events by going to the Calendar tab on this website

  6. Patreon donations are charged immediately for new patrons, and then recurr on the first of the month. If you are an existing patron, you will have to first stop your existing donation, and then wait until after June first to enroll in the Playground tier. All patrons can cancel their recurring donations at anytime via their patreon account.

  7. When you cancel a patreon Playground Tier subscription you will lose access to the thinkific Playground Library at the end of the current month. We do not offer any refunds so please manage your own accounts as needed.

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