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Between Sun and Moon Retreat
September 1st-18th 2022

Between Sun and Moon reatreat.png

All of reality sings, plays, learns, and is interconnected

We bring our rhythm to the bigger body of the world song

That which helps us feel how we belong already

Changed in the turning of the cycles big and small

Inside reflects the outside, outside feeds the inside, inside affects the outside

Past the twilight of summer, approaching the birth of winter

Familiar murmurings in our streets and in our homes

We clean the burnt out remnants of what has bloomed and gone

and re-polish what we cherish

Our conversation about what we're interested in right now and how it relates to the retreat and our theme "Discernment"

In September we are taking our course container Between Sun and Moon (Animist Arts adaptive foundations) and building it out into a virtual retreat for the season of gathering, sorting, culling, and harvesting. In addition to the core Between Sun and Moon experience, we are adding group processing events, our next run of We All Go Home, and a couple other special things TBD. Our focus for this version of BSM is DISCERNMENT. We are following the guidance of the season and distilling what is most essential for our individual and collective benefit given the circumstances that we find ourselves in. As always this will include an opportunity to stabilize or shift your personal baseline, but it is also an invitation to get more honest and clear about human behavior, without becoming bitter! It is imperative that as more information is revealed to us (pleasant or unpleasant) we know how to “play in the gaps”, how to relax and tinker without collapsing. To read our latest blog post on this subject go here


Because of the flow of this version (main sessions for four hours Sept 3 & 10) we will get to have a more immersive experience and play with contemplative theatrical structures. 


Here is a brief description of Between Sun and Moon in general:

"This series of workshops is an opportunity to practice and encounter artistic-animist ways of living as it is available to us according to the fluctuating movements of reality and the natural world.

These practices are “healing” in the sense that they tend to result in greater feelings of connection, nervous system health and inner stability, skillfulness in all kinds of relationships, and everyday appreciation for our lives. We recognize that western/colonial cultures have complicated the process of accessing these things, and that the many wellness industries that have popped up to try to address the disconnect have created a lot of noise around something that has very natural and ordinary origins. There are definitely many pathways to what we might call “healing”, and we hope people are getting what they need as best as possible. With this series we are offering support in having playful, creative, simple, and direct experiences with the world, and treating those experiences as teachers. There is no grand, fixed map for how to do this that you can get certified in. There are however, many ways to practice and play as a responsible animist-improviser, responding to life and death (change, transition) with our unique creative expressions while staying connected to the context we find ourselves in."


Some of what the course will help feed:

  • A capacity for feeling ordinary satisfaction

  • Simple embodiment practices that help us become intimate with our biological thresholds

  • Navigation and collaboration with different rhythms and tones in our environment

  • Reducing the feeling of social threat

  • Being able to playfully name/describe different spirits, emotions, and energies (“who might actually be in the room”)

  • Have access to a built-in guidance system through direct sensing (using our entire felt-sense which can include our rational thinking but goes beyond rational thinking)

  • Move more flexibly between scales (personal, local, global, galactic. micro-macro relationship)

Relaxing inside of discomfort and uncertainty"

Group Process spaces during the retreat

 We have run Between Sun and Moon with pretty tight curation, so that participants can have a comprehensive experience that centers practice and training. We have not incorporated much interaction between participants or opened up the dynamics of a group body because this requires whole different set of circumstances and skills. We are making this available for the first time in our retreat iteration of BSM. These group process spaces will be an opportunity to address in real time together what is emerging during the retreat. There will be space for dialogue, and also massaging places of tension/confusion/potential opening as a group on an energetic and expressive level. Using techniques of "embodied dreaming" we will track themes and relationships as they arise for the benefit of our co-learning and adaptation. We could think of the core BSM sessions as the "main show" that has been carefully designed with choreography anchored in liberatory animist principles. The group process sessions are where to bring what you experienced as a result of the "choreography", contributing to a group vision or map of what is occurring, and then using some of that same choreography within a group context to metabolize whatever is asking for it. *Limited to 15 people, live participation only, facilitated by Larissa and Dare.

The Schedule (a few things TBD):

Friday Sept. 2nd 4-6pmPST meet and greet and blob around (regenerative parallel play)

Saturday Sept. 3rd 10am-2pmPST (with breaks) Between Sun and Moon DISCERNMENT part 1

Sunday Sept. 4th 10:00am-12:00pmPST Group Process part 1/2

Saturday Sept. 10th 10am-2pmPST (with breaks) Between Sun and Moon DISCERNMENT part 2

Sunday Sept. 11th 10am-12pmPST Group Process part 2/2

Saturday Sept. 17th 10am-12:30pmPST We All Go Home (all welcome, NOTAFLOF)

*The main Between Sun and Moon events (Sept. 3 and 10) will be recorded and made available to participants. Group Process will be live-only (possibly recorded just for Dare and Larissa's facilitators' study)*



Retreat tickets & registration

Between Sun and Moon Retreat WITH GROUP PROCESS (limited to 15 seats): sliding scale donation $300-$600

Includes Between Sun and Moon core, group process, We All Go Home, and all other events


Between Sun and Moon Retreat WITHOUT GROUP PROCESS: $150-$525

Includes Between Sun and Moon core, We All Go Home, and all other events, Not group process


Just We All Go Home (all welcome, NOTAFLOF): suggested donation $30-60


Click the button to get tickets on ticket tailor


For more information and to watch the two previous videos we made for this course go to the Between Sun and Moon page

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