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Between Sun & Moon

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In this foundations course we are engaging with the roots of theater, ritual, artistic expression and creativity as ancestral technologies that belong to all people, and around which diverse social-spiritual processes can operate according to specific needs and contexts.

We are guided by the nondual aspects of listening, creating, and learning for the benefit of the whole. This means we take steps to host Nature or Reality in its totality, as a wisdom and presence that exists beyond human concepts of separation and good/bad or right/wrong in our creative processes. 

“Nondual” is a term emerging out of ancient wisdom traditions that seek to alleviate suffering by recognizing the inevitable cohesion of all reality. The experience of individuation or separation is a temporary state predicated on the presence of an unfathomable source, where all concepts and forms dissolve.


In order for this reality and all its various expressions to exist, there are many phenomena that have to create friction, tension and difference, therefore creating a “dual” world; the force of gravity and the force of buoyancy, light and dark, density and subtlety, the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, the sun and moon, and on and on.


In more recent human history (the last 10,000 years or so, greatly quickening about 2,000 years ago) there has been an explosion of attempts to dominate different aspects of our shared world that frighten or disturb us, creating vast suffering and exploitation in an attempt for some groups to protect themselves from discomfort at the expense of others.


The narratives that bolster these behaviors are always fixated on difference and ideas of supremacy, forgetting the original nondual nature of everything.

There are many philosophies and ongoing conversations about how to live in a nondual way that reduces harm and suffering.  For us “nondual play” is a way of inhabiting True Presence, which allows us to be available for the most beneficial course of action and communication in a given situation.

The term encompasses flexibility, responsiveness, trauma informed creative expression, responsible improvisation, rhythm, listening, and devising or designing.


Animist Arts devising is improv plus embodied research (ritual), learning through play, learning through making games/devising play/finding games, finding choice and optionality inside of discomfort, making up and breaking rules, and co-creating temporary dreams.


The activities and structure of this course is inspired by many disciplines and lineages, including but not limited to: Viewpoints, Focusing, Contemplative Theater, Theater of the Oppressed, Meisner Technique, Authentic Movement, Bouffon, Devised Physical Theater, Trika Saivism, Ecopsychology, Deep Listening. 

Each live session will be a combination of teachings, demos, experiential labs, and feedback. There will be opportunities for both solo and group practice. 


All levels of experience are welcome, and the principles learned in this container can be applied to how you hold space as a facilitator, healer, or artist, individual research projects, devising works of art, shifts in organizational structures, bringing balance into relationships and communities, and creating deeper awareness and adaptation across networks, human and nonhuman. 

This is the fourth Between Sun and Moon course.

Here is a general blurb about the series:

"This series of workshops is an opportunity to practice and encounter artistic-animist ways of living as it is available to us according to the fluctuating movements of reality and the natural world. 

These practices are “healing” in the sense that they tend to result in greater feelings of connection, nervous system health and inner stability, skillfulness in all kinds of relationships, and everyday appreciation for our lives.


We recognize that western/colonial cultures have complicated the process of accessing these things, and that the many wellness industries that have popped up to try to address the disconnect have created a lot of noise around something that has very natural and ordinary origins.


There are definitely many pathways to what we might call “healing”, and we hope people are getting what they need as best as possible. With this series we are offering support in having playful, creative, simple, and direct experiences with the world, and treating those experiences as teachers.


There is no grand, fixed map for how to do this that you can get certified in. There are, however, many ways to practice and play as a responsible animist-improviser, responding to life and death (change, transition) with our unique creative expressions while staying connected to the context we find ourselves in.”

Some of what the course will help feed:

  • Accessing the primordial foundation of play, finding play in all things

  • Establishing ourselves as player-facilitators always available for learning through devising

  • How to come “already whole” into relationship with creativity and collaborators

  • Relaxing inside of discomfort and uncertainty

  • A capacity for feeling ordinary satisfaction

  • Simple embodiment practices that help us become intimate with our biological thresholds

  • Navigation and collaboration with different rhythms and tones in our environment

  • Reducing the feeling of social threat

  • Being able to playfully name/describe different spirits, emotions, and energies (“who might actually be in the room”)

  • Have access to a built-in guidance system through direct sensing (using our entire felt-sense which can include our rational thinking but goes beyond rational thinking)

  • Move more flexibly between scales (personal, local, global, galactic. micro-macro relationship)


The 6 main sessions will be live and recorded over zoom. It is recommended that you come live, but recordings will be made available to you on Thinkific. Please note that the recordings of this workshop will become available for purchase in the future as a self-paced course.

You can register up until April 13th

Donations for the course - sliding scale $200-500 usd

In addition to the 6 main sessions there will be a handful of supplem
entary practice spaces and pop ups at alternative times, yet to be scheduled. 

The dates are as follow
s:  Thursdays 11am-1pm PST, March 23rd, 30th, April 6th, No Class (skip week) April 13th, April 20th, 27th, Final Session May 4th 


How to sign up: The Big Button will take you to the TicketTailor registration page. After registering and throughout the length of the course, you will receive occasional emails through TicketTailor with various event details, dates, instructions and supplementary materials.

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