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Between Sun and Moon

Animist Arts Adaptive Foundations course

Runs 2-3x a year, various durations


All of reality sings, plays, learns, and is interconnected

We match our pace to the bigger body of the world song

That which helps us feel how we are claimed, needed,

And changed in the turning of the cycles big and small

Inside reflects the outside, outside feeds the inside, inside leads to outside

Hi there! We’ve noticed that people are pretty interested in this thing called “healing”, and that there are seemingly endless certifications and systems you can learn in order to “get healing.” There are definitely many pathways to what we might call healing, and we hope people are getting what they need as best as possible. However, we think modern westernism/colonialism has fucked this up quite a bit, and we are seeing a lot of noise around something that has very natural and ordinary origins. We are creating this course with the intention that we can help others recognize the fizzing, bubbling, breathing, communicating relationships available to them at all times. Systems and maps might help us feel tethered, but these relationships are not bound to them. 


At Animist Arts we are devoting our time and attention to cultivating dynamic and skillful relationships with all of reality (all phenomena, including other humans, the natural world, thoughts, emotions, ideas, energy, our own body etc.). We frame this as responsible animist improvisation, responding to life and death (change, transition) with our unique creative expressions while staying connected to the context we find ourselves in. 


Some of what the course will help feed:

  • A capacity for feeling ordinary satisfaction

  • Simple embodiment practices that help us become intimate with our biological thresholds

  • Navigation and collaboration with different rhythms and tones in our environment

  • Reducing the feeling of social threat

  • Being able to playfully name/describe different spirits, emotions, and energies (“who might actually be in the room”)

  • Have access to a built-in guidance system through direct sensing (using our entire felt-sense which can include our rational thinking but goes beyond rational thinking)

  • Move more flexibly between scales (personal, local, global, galactic. micro-macro relationship)

  • Relaxing inside of discomfort and uncertainty 


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to start fresh or revisit the basics in a fresh way. This is an all-levels course that will focus on the simple, ordinary, practical, miraculous roots of our practice

Why are you calling it “Adaptive”?

Because many “methods” attempt to create a one-size-fits-all linear approach to “getting what you want”. Our practice is much more about listening to the larger cycles of time, season, culture, etc so that each time we “start” there is a freshness, and yet certain principles repeat over and over (like inhaling/exhaling, sleeping/dreaming/waking, ingesting/digesting/excreting, day/night). In this way, we are offering this Live series multiple times over the next year, and it can be attended cumulatively, much like a martial arts study or temple practice. We are not certifying anyone, or promising that this specific 5 weeks is somehow the same as 5 weeks in another season or time. If you want to study with us “from a beginning place”, you can attend all the sessions over time as we all change and grow and move towards death.


What are the other logistics?

Offerings are done on a tiered scale based on your own level of resource.

The following example was for a six session course that took place over seven weeks.

"The market value of the course is at least $500.
If you are struggling to make ends meet, the minimum offering is $150.
If you are wildly resourceful and want to help support please offer the market value and above.

Offerings are done on a tiered scale based on your own level of resource.

Youth (ages 13-19) can attend for free or by donation, NOTAFLOF

*We cannot offer refunds*
You will receive permanent access to all recordings and supplemental material."

Our intro video for Between Sun and Moon fall 2021

Intro video for BSM Receptivity, spring 2022

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