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In this workshop we will focus our attention on the question: "What are my beliefs and inner narratives about immersive play?" Immersive play refers to the direct experience of both participating and being absorbed in a dynamic set of relationships, where we are receiving ordinary pleasure from unpredictable contact, flow, and consequences, and where we relax the need to assert our separation or become possessive of our experiences of connection.

We will use meditation, creative prompts, and live feedback to get clear on a few core narratives/beliefs we are running related to immersive play, and then reconfigure them into jewel-like, life sustaining, spine tingling landmarks of wisdom in our thoughtscapes. For more info and tickets go here

Nondual Theater Jam Virtual drop-ins

Weds 7/12 5:30-8pmPST **drop in tickets here 

Sunday 7/30 10am-12:30pmPST **drop in tickets here 

For July our Nondual Theater Jam Virtual sessions will focus on the principles of Organic Deviance and Ecstatic Restraint. We will build our capacity to enjoy working from  Totality, incorporating exiled elements like pain and exhaustion in our  expression  as opposed to narrow definitions of art or beauty (organic  deviance). We will also train in how to ride out intense energy shifts  and release without overwhelming ourselves or the collective field  (ecstatic restraint).


How has bleeding (menstruation) historically linked people to the holistic and visceral aspects of life? How is this asking to be brought in Now, through our current contexts? Once a month for six months we will gather, alternating between ceremony and direct experience practices and crafting artistic expressions of what we find together.

Currently running through September 2023. Next application cycle will start after that.

Following our experiential storytelling performance Nondual Play in the Queer Universe (for sad, scared hoomans) is a chance to learn about our methods and build out your own devising and designing skills. Click the image to learn more

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